Mine Goggles "Frameless"

Mine Goggles are made in collaboration with Aaven Snowboards. 

Mine goggles are some of the most convenient goggles on the market.


Stylish, minimalist and just like any innovative product; once you've tried the magnet screen you wonder how you were able to live without it before. This "Frameless" model is slightly narrower for smaller faces. All Mine Goggles come with 2 lenses; a sun lens (9 % VLT, blue lens, revo red color), and an all conditions lens (15% VLT, orange lens, revo blue/gold color). 

"For Your Eyes Only"

NB: the size of the lens is bigger due to the fact that there's no plastic frame around the lens

Mine Goggles "Frameless"

SKU: 19GO2001
180,00 €Price
Color: black
    • 3 layers foam for better comfort
    • Strap siliconed for better grip on beanie or helmet
    • Detachable strap
    • Both lenses provide 100% protection against harmfull UVA UVB rays.
    • The amount of light transmission is measured by VLT percentage (visible light transmission) the smaller the amount the less light comes through.