Mine Goggles are made in collaboration with Aaven Snowboards. 

Mine goggles are some of the most convenient goggles on the market.


Stylish, minimalist and just like any innovative product; once you've tried the magnet screen you wonder how you were able to live without it before. This  model is slightly largerfor bigger faces. All Mine Goggles come with 2 lenses; a sun lens (9 % VLT, blue lens, revo red color), and an all conditions lens (15% VLT, orange lens, revo blue/gold color). 

"For Your Eyes Only"

Mine Goggles

SKU: 19GO001
180,00 €Price
Color: White
    • 3 layers foam for better comfort
    • Strap siliconed for better grip on beanie or helmet
    • Detachable strap
    • Both lenses provide 100% protection against harmfull UVA UVB rays.
    • The amount of light transmission is measured by VLT percentage (visible light transmission) the smaller the amount the less light comes through.


    Lens Size: 208mm x 95mm (width x heigth)

    Goggle size: 230mm x 95mm (including frame)

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