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©2019-20 AAVEN Snowboards.

It all started in 2005. AAVEN came out of nowhere, from a simple thought: making boards that would represent our ideas and style.

It might sound like something you’ve heard before, but in our case it’s true, and not some made up story to make us look cool.

We are and have always been passionate about snowboarding. 


We were looking to create a brand with true values.

We came up with products where design and technicality would meet under an unconventional name, AAVEN.

Sure, we could have made some coloured squares and circles, or rainbows and bubbles, but that’s not who we are. Leopards don’t change their spots. Instead, we worked on some heavy graphics…the kind that render you speechless for a few seconds.


From riding World Cup half-pipes around the world to deep fresh snow in the trees here in Les Arcs, we know how to ride and how boards work. 

Here at AAVEN we give you the option to choose your board's camber profile. Whether you prefer a traditional or double camber board, with certain models you have the choice.


By choosing an AAVEN board you can be sure that you’ll have a unique board that you’ll be stoked to stare at and amazed to ride on.

So now you might ask: What does AAVEN mean?

Well, the root of the word is something that exists but you cannot see.


So people came to us and asked if an AAVEN is a ghost.

Romantics would ask if AAVEN means love, but goths would ask if AAVEN was the devil..


Well we say: its both none and all of those. Its up to you and your imagination.