"Le Juge" en latin. Avec Cette board tu devras revoir ta façon de rider en poudre.

Les crampes ou la jambe arrière en feu, ça te dit quelque chose? Je pense que oui.

Eh bien avec cette board ça ne t'arrivera plus, ce shape directionnel typé swallow a une largeur de nose plus importante que le tail, et du fait de son set back et de son double cambre, on peut te dire que tu vas rider la pow comme jamais avant: centré sur ta board voir meme en avant pour accélérer. C'est notre plus grosse requête, on nous a demandé un engin capable de rider la poudreuse facile. Eh ben voilà, TA DA!

“The Judge” in Latin. This board will redefine your riding style in powder.

Cramping? Thighs of fire or ‘back-leg-riding’ sound familiar? I bet the answer is yes! Well they won’t happen here. The directional swallowtail shape has a wider nose than tail and a longer nose, with a 20 mm set back. 

All these factors allow you to ride powder like on any other board, with your weight centred, even finding yourself leaning on your front leg to float more and accelerate while riding.

This is our most requested board.  We were asked to make a powder board, so here it is, a true powder gun. A reasonable size, not too big, that floats well on deep snow.

Camber Profile: Double Camber


Core Profile:

Superlightweight woodcore.

Strong tip-to-tail wood core for lightweight snap, flex, strength and durable ride



Shape Design:                 

Directional: Fish-like shape, longer and wider nose for maximum floatability in deep powder

Flex Pattern:

Directional, softer nose and stiffer tail for backcountry powder board


DC for Double Camber.

Slight camber between the feet to a rocker from the binding area to the tip and the tail. 

Base Structure:

Sintered ISO 6000. Maximum glide and incredible durability


Biaxial. Two fiberglass layers for forgiving torsion, board feel and edge hold 


Rockwell 48 Hardness - Disctuned steel edges


4 x 4: 12 inserts per binding area for precise binding positioning

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