Entertainment 155

Aaven is a French/Finnish inspired snowboard brand based in Les Arcs in the heart of the French Alps.

Our story is our own, any resemblance to any person or company is purely coincidental. 


La Entertainment 155 Double Cambre est notre board freestyle la plus tout terrain. Du fait de son double cambre c'est une board très versatile, maniable et joueuse, le tout avec une super raccroche et si on y ajoute son shape twin et son flex twin ça fait de cette board une tuerie.

The Entertainment is our most versatile all around freestyle board because of its double camber. 

It is manoeuvrable, playful and safe if you want something responsive that holds an edge at the same time. The addition of twin shape and twin flex makes it a killer freestyle board.

Camber Profile: Double Camber



Core Profile:

Superlightweight woodcore.

Strong tip-to-tail wood core for lightweight snap, flex, strength and durable ride



Shape Design:

Twin: Symmetric tip and tail for freestyle boards.                  

Flex Pattern:

Twin. A symmetric pattern that provides an identical flex, forward or switch,

for skate-like, snappy pop for all around boards.


DC for Double Camber.

Slight camber between the feet to a rocker from the binding area to the tip and the tail. 

Base Structure:

Sintered ISO 6000. Maximum glide and incredible durability


Biaxial. Two fiberglass layers for forgiving torsion, board feel and edge hold 


Rockwell 48 Hardness - Disctuned steel edges


4 x 4: 12 inserts per binding area for precise binding positioning

board tech.png